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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Danica Patrick gets into Ricky Stenhouse and they hit the wall with Travis Kvapil

Danica Patrick gets into Ricky Stenhouse and they hit the wall with Travis Kvapil, Think there will be another long period of silence on the way back to Charlotte from New Hampshire?

With two cars side-by-side in front of her on lap 238 at New Hampshire on Sunday, Patrick's car veered to the inside as they entered turn one and slammed into the car in front of her on the inside.

The driver of that car? Her boyfriend, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. But hold everything right there, there's not much gossip fodder here about bad intentions.

"What it felt like was, either I misjudged the braking or everyone jammed up a little bit and I got sideways trying to slow down so that I didn't drive up into the back of anyone and it just got sideways and there's nothing you can do," a dejected Patrick said

"The worst part is that obviously I didn't want to take anyone with me. I feel bad, what can I say? We were having a reasonable race and just didn't meant to do it."

After her car hit Stenhouse's, she also slammed into Travis Kvapil, the driver to Stenhouse's outside, and the trio skidded into the wall. After the crash, with Patrick slow to the inside of the track, Kvapil nudged the door of his mangled car to the door of Patrick's to show his displeasure.

Patrick ended up 37th, a spot ahead of Kvapil, while Stenhouse finished 34th. Brian Vickers won the race, his first win since 2009.

After Patrick and Stenhouse wrecked at Charlotte in May, Patrick admitted she was angry at Stenhouse following the crash. Now, it's Stenhouse's turn to be angry at Patrick. Last week's restrictor plate crash at Daytona aside, that means they're now even. But we all know you're not supposed to keep score in a relationship.

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