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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

[News] GOT7 deny that they feel a rivalry with WINNER + reveal 2PM to be their role model

At GOT7's comeback showcase held on June 18 at the Ax Hall in Seoul, the boys revealed their thoughts on their rivals and role models.  They received a question in relation to YG's first boy group in eight years, WINNER, which has often been called the rival for JYP's rookie group, GOT7.

JB said, "This is a tricky question.  We do not think of them as rivals, at all.  Rather than looking at them in a competitive way, I will look at their strengths to work even harder and I hope that the both of us will come out winners."

In relation to GOT7's strengths, JB continued, "I don't think there is anything that can be called a strength, yet.  I do think we are a bit good at martial arts tracking.  There's nothing special as of yet, so looks like we need to work even harder."

As for their role models, GOT7 chose their senior label mate group, 2PM.  They said, "2PM seniors have the best skills and personalities.  They take care of us a lot and there were many times when we were moved by them.  Even when we were filming reality program 'I GOT7,' they advised us a lot to not feel burdened and show our normal personalities."

In relation to J.Y. Park, they said, "Producer J.Y. Park is always like a father to us and buys us a lot of food.  He is normally kind like that, but when we go into recording, he is like a knife and very detailed when working on his song.  He's a true professional and has charisma."

Their second mini-album will be released on June 23 with title track "A"!

Source: allkpop

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