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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

[Interview] 2PM Junho andGirl Magazine

The male attractiveness, filled with beastly charms, has achieved high popularity even in Japan! It is Asia’s No.1 Beastly Idols 2PM’s member, Junho. Although, the makeup-less Junho is very direct and charismatic, he is also a big kid who happens to have one of the best smiles around. In order to commemorate the release of his second solo mini album <FEEL>, we present to everyone a packed interview including questions ranging from music to his preferred female ideal type!

Junho. Born in Korea in 1990. Height = 178cm, Weight = 67kg. Debuted in Korea as a member of 2PM in 2008. Due to their strong appealing charms released from their beastly bodies, impactful dance performances and outstanding singing abilities, they have become Asia’s No.1 beastly idols. On May 2011, they released their first Japanese single <Take Off>.  Started his solo activities in Japan from 2013. The fans have complimented on his skillful dancing and polished Japanese pronunciation. Continuing from the hype stirred from his first album <Kimi No Koe>, his second work <FEEL> is currently released and receiving lots of praise!

Q. Use one thing to describe your own personality?
A. Fire. I’m not saying that I get angry easily, but if things aren’t solved quickly then I become extremely impatient and unbearable. It’s this kind of irritable personality.

Q. What are your thoughts on older women?
A. Pretty good. I think rather than focusing on age, it’s important that they’re reliable, responsible, charming and at the same time they have something which I can learn from. Of course, when dating, even if she’s older I’ll still treat her as if she’s my age!

The fans’ long-awaited interview to commemorate the release of his solo mini album <FEEL>!


Fully packed highlights from a drama-like view of love!

Q. What kind of female gesture is attractive to you?
A. The gesture when females tuck their hair behind their ear is very feminine. Around half a year ago, I had very long hair when filming for a television drama and I often tucked the hair behind my ear (laughs).

Q. What do you think is a cute outfit for girls?
A. A white t-shirt and jeans. I like simpler styles

Q. What is Junho’s fashion style off-work?
A. Before I liked classic style which was on-trend, but now that I’ve cut my hair short and changed the colour, I’m not sure why but I find that it doesn’t suit that look.  Now I wear loose t-shirts and shorts, matched with a hat and jacket. I would also wear the hat backwards, I like this sporty look.

Q. Then, what is your ideal female type?
A. Because I have a fire-like personality, it’d be great if the girl had a more water-like personality. Because if she was able cool me down, then I’d think she’s a very special person. Also, because I like motorbikes, if she also likes motorbikes and is the strong type of woman who’d let me sit behind her, and then I think I’d fall for it.

Q. Your confession to a girl you like?
A. If I don’t want her to leave me then I’d go confess to her. Although, I don’t want to bring a lot of pressure to her, I think a certain level of pressure is essential. I’d contact her frequently saying, “Let’s meet up!”

Q. Where would you go for your first date?
A. Amusement park. I will conquer all the thrilling rides that make people scream!

Q. What things would make you happy if a girl did this?
A. Unintentionally always taking care of me. When I sweat, she’d casually pass me a towel and when I suddenly fall asleep on the sofa, she’d cover me with a blanket etc. Additionally, apart from the situations I just mentioned, if it’s a girl I like and she knows what I’m thinking, then I’d be really happy. But, such girls must be really hard to find, huh?

Q. If a girl were to date Junho, what advantages would there be?
A. All the excitement and thrills in the world, I’d take her to experience all the possible exhilarating things!

A sexy body with a cute look, trapping females from all age groups

Q. What is currently popular between the members?
A. In our members’ messaging chat group, we’d send each other “Fighting!” “Fighting” means “do well” “work hard” No matter who is holding a concert or carrying out solo activities, we’d all send this message to each other.

Q. Your recently found habit is?
A. When I’m focusing on something, my lips would unconsciously pout. (From the side) it looks like the number ‘3’. The fans told me that my lips look like Doraemon’s whenever he’s throwing a tantrum; it was my first time noticing it (laughs).

Q. Your favourite part of your body?
A. My arms are really long and the shape of my arms. Although my muscles aren’t that well-developed, but it still has a certain thickness. I really focus on such small details.

Q. What do you do when you have a day-off?
A. Compose! I like to play whilst composing; there are songs within this album that were created that way.

Q. The most recent thing that made you emotional?
A. I feel emotional every time during concerts. In Tokyo Dome, when everyone’s hearts had united together and become one, I was so emotional I cried. The fans also cried with us.

Q. Who do you set as your target?
A. If I were to decide on someone as my target, then I’d become really similar to that person. Instead I use an “I’m becoming the best”! attitude to gain motivation to achieve.

Q. What kind of child were you when you were younger?
A. I was a kid who did everything really quickly; I was also really fast at running when I wanted to be somewhere in particular. If my mum said, “finish eating before going out to play”, then I’d finish eating within 3 minutes and sprint out. I was also like that when going out to play with my friends; calling them using the phone was too bothersome so I’d run to their house and call them out to play instead. When I was younger, I learned to play soccer, baseball and swimming. I liked these sports basically because I wanted to become a professional player!

Q. What was surprising for you when you first came to Japan?
A. They can make a lot of aspects in a heartfelt way. Even when I eat out, I think the decorations on the chopsticks are all so cute, I want to bring them home

Q. Which Japanese foods do you like the most and hate?
A. My favourite is ramen, and I don’t like eating octopus in mustard sauce.

Q. Your favourite Japanese phrase?
A. I love it!

Gradually maturing & passionately discussing his new song <FEEL>!

After one year, all the songs included within your new mini album are filled with an exhilarating feel!

Within the 2PM members, Junho has a varied musical sense, focusing on his individual style and has achieved huge popularity. After one year, he has released his official 2nd Solo Mini Album <FEEL>. Firstly, let’s invite Junho to introduce this album to us.
If I were to describe the first album as having a casual, more refreshing music style, then <FEEL> does continue with the casual feel yet at the same time it’s rich in meaning to show “a more matured style of music”. This is an album which allows everyone to sense an even more matured me in comparison to the previous year and is filled with dynamism and energy.

From his more lively speech, we can all sense Junho’s increasing confidence in his more matured self. He changed his hair colour for this album; and from his appearance we can also see a never-seen-before maturity in him.
Thankfully after having the experience of holding my first solo tour performances in Japan last year, I also had a sense of responsibility I’ve never had before, I learned a lot. When all the members who used to naturally stand next to me, aren’t on stage with me, how am I going to fill the stadium with fans alone, what can I do to enable the fans to enjoy and enter my world of music? All of such questions worried me. For one person, even the smallest complications can magnify and become a large problem easily.

Fully using his experiences gained from solo activities, he was able to produce a new piece of work. Meanwhile, the overall view of <FEEL> says “From the moment I met you, my life which  previously contained nothing has started to change!” Is this based on the maturing Junho’s own love experience?
No, no (laughs). Rather than say it’s directly my own experience, it’s actually an indirect experience of mine. It was based on inspiration produced when I’m watching a film or when I’m listening to my friends’ stories. The phrase “FEEL” suddenly appeared in my mind, and at the same time a strong, empathetic image also emerged. Whether it’s people, music, clothing, on my first contact with almost anything, the thought “I like this one! This suits me!” would appear quickly. I wanted to create an album which is filled with empathy/moving force, and so I started to compose such songs.

We’ve heard that you compose alongside another composer who you’re close with, and you guys work together in the form of play.  
The previous album was also produced in such a way. He said. “Junho, listen to this song”, and I would begin to hum unknowingly as he begins to play the chords. Afterwards, we’d gradually add on the melody, matching it with the harmonies and complete the song.

The only difficult part was the rap in <Turn It Up>
The beat is really fast (laughs). I’m quite used to the Japanese pronunciation, there basically weren’t any problems, but because it was really fast...recording was difficult. However, because I really enjoyed working on this album, I hope everyone will also give it lots of love!

After this, his solo tour concerts await with his finale being held in the Budokan stadium which the fans have been highly anticipating. Junho’s summer this year will become even hotter ?

CREDITS: XiaoYuEr@KingJunho.com (JPN> CHN TRANS) ;
x_tiffany_x@2ONEDAY.COM (CHN >ENG TRANS) ; @Timing_Kei (SCANS)

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