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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

[Interview] Baila Magazine - 2PM Junho's "A to Z" Interview

Starting from the innocence of his first album <Kimi No Koe> and now continuing with an even trendier, even more outstanding 2nd album <FEEL>, Junho (From 2PM) has returned! With his cute smile, high standard levels of acrobatics and dance, let us use all 26 A-Z letters to understand the “current” platinum blonde haired, 24 year old, Junho.

Junho’s hand, in its full-scale size!
“Jun. K saw my hand as I held the microphone and said: ‘Having large hands must be good. When picking up the microphone, your face will look smaller’ It really is big. Seems like within the whole group, only Chansung and I have large hands.” Here, we have displayed to everyone Junho’s hand in its full-scale size, let’s experience the High Touch!

A. Anniversary.
If you had to set an anniversary date, which day would it be?
My birthday on January 25th and my solo debut date July 24th. Therefore, there are now 2 more dates added which can be shared with the fans. I will prepare fun plans (on these dates), which I’ll spend together with everyone.

B. Blood Type.
When I tell people I’m meeting for the first time that I’m blood type A, everyone’s surprised. Everyone thinks I seem like a blood type B or O. When I’m alone I'm more cautious and careful, but if I’m with other people then I’m totally different. I clearly express my ideas and opinions. Also just to mention, in Korea, blood type A gives people a cautious and careful image, different from Japan.

C. Chansung.
What kind of relationship do you two have?
Chansung and I have a very dangerous relationship (laughs). We live in the same apartment and our rooms are directly opposite each other, so we’re very close neighbours. We also happen to share the same bathroom. Recently, because my bedroom door would not completely close shut, we could see everything in each other’s room (laughs). At the time of our debut I couldn’t stand it, but after being together with everyone for so many years, you could say that I’m used to it. A few days ago, whilst showering I turned around to look, Chansung was brushing his teeth at the vanity bay area which originally was empty. However, I wasn’t particularly shocked.

D. Dream.
A dream you currently wish to achieve?
Up until now, the dreams I wished for actually came true, from becoming a singer, debuting as a solo artist and having my own solo tour. Last year, my dream was to hold a concert at Budokan arena, and it will be fulfilled this year.  Now my dream for next year is... to be able to continue with this amazing solo tour! This is still my own thoughts; it’d be great if it can come true.

E. Emperor.
Your possessed “Emperor” elements?
I know my fans call me “Emperor Junho” “oresama” etc. although I don’t know why they call me that. There’s only a slight “oresama” side though. Normally, I’m very gentle and I would still say “I love you” etc. and I can also express endearment well...

F. Feel.
Your second solo album
The first time riding a bicycle, first time drawing, whenever I experience things for the first time in life and discovering for the first time when certain attempted things suit me, my heart beats really fast. Those emotions are really important, no matter what I wanted to convey, and so I created the song <FEEL>. This song portrays love, but not only love; it also involves my excitement & exhilaration built up after my one year experience (as a solo artist).

G. Growth.
Areas you’ve matured in
From my previous solo activities and 2PM activities, it’s quite different. Now I understand how “working alone is not a simple task, it involves huge responsibility”. (With this in mind) I’ve begun carrying out my solo activities, therefore I think that I’m still growing in this area. On a viewpoint regarding my works, if we were to say that my previous album was more casual and simple, then the second album’s focus point is that it’s filled with energy and dynamism.

The reason for your blonde hair
Because I had long hair for almost 6 months due to movie filming, at home I’d style the hair upwards but no matter how I styled it, I couldn’t get used to it (laughs). Therefore I decided that once the filming was finished, I must cut my hair, I made up my mind to cut it short and dye it blonde. It was great that the blonde hair suited the album concept. Since <HANDS UP> (2PM’s Korean album, released in 2011), I haven’t really changed my hairstyle, but everyone’s reaction was very calm, it was an “oh~ you’ve changed it” kind of level. But actually thinking about it, because I was so concerned about it, I probably didn’t take in other people’s opinions (laughs). Although at the start when I changed my hairstyle there was a slight sense of discomfort, after a few months till now, I’ve already gotten used to it. I want to change to a different hairstyle now, perhaps I’ll change it during the concert tour?!

I. I.
A recent episode about “me”?
During mornings where I have work, my manager would call to wake me up. For the music video filming of <FEEL>, the day before, I asked my manager to call me at 5:30am so I could get ready. But as I thought of filming the music video, I got so nervous I couldn’t sleep... when I received the call at 5:30am, it was as if I suddenly thought of something, and asked, “Do I have work today?” (laughs). Because my tone of voice seemed really surprised, my manager replied me saying, “it sure seems like it” (laughs).  When I put in too many emotions at once, I become extremely nervous. Even my actions become really weird.

J. Jump.
Something you wish to jump over/across?
Margins, I’ve said this before. Because I get worried easily, I take into consideration too many people around me, therefore I hope that I can consider the boundaries of the future. With a relaxed mind, you’re able to see further and consider many different things... however, because I have such worries, I have motivation and want to do well.

K. Kkomaengie.
Your interactions with your cat, kkomaengie?
Cats sleep an average 16 hours per day, but Kkomaengie sleeps for much longer. When I get back home, she’ll definitely be sleeping and when she wakes up she won’t play with me... when I go to pick her up, she always has a detested “stay away!” expression.  If I insist on hugging her, she shows me her sharp claws, although I still raise her... (laughs). We only get to see each other once every half year, that cannot be helped though. But it seems like she’s starting to recognise me recently, if I wave to her from a distance, sometimes she looks at me. But if I get any closer, she still ignores me...haha.

L. Lee Junho.
I want to continue on this path with a never satisfied mindset. No matter what, I won’t be fully content. If I often think to myself “Where am I not doing well enough?” “What’s still lacking?”, then I will also think, “So what shall I do in order to be fully satisfied?” That way, I can continue to work harder each time.

M. Movie.
Regarding the movie you recently starred in
Although I’ve been active as a singer for 6 years already, as an actor, I’m still just a rookie. Because I’m only at the starting point, I still get really nervous. Remembering my lines etc. are all very basic, I also have to consider whether this is the best way to express each line. I want to show a more natural acting, so I think about how I should do that... at times when I suddenly think of something, but I can’t practice it straight away, I feel uneasy. Whilst on the move in the car I quietly practice my lines. I also practice my crying acting whilst looking through the rear view mirror. People who don’t know me must think I’m weird if they saw me. Actually, there was a time when I was practicing crying and received a call from my mum; my crying voice on the phone gave her a shock. My target as an actor, is to be able to become the character I’m playing, an actor who can fully and naturally immerse himself into the situation.  

N. Necessary.
Something Junho cannot be without?
This is really something I wanted to say...that is, everyone’s voice I hear when I stand on stage. Because when I’m standing on the stage alone, all my senses will heighten, and everyone’s voices really echo in my heart. And that becomes Junho’s energy. All the fans that are coming to the concert please let me hear your voices!

O. Originality.
In order to become unique
Stay confident. Who would listen to someone’s songs if the singer has no confidence in themselves? Would anyone find them attractive? Even if you have no confidence in yourself, you must stand on stage as if you are (confident). That way, the people who watch you will find you charismatic. I believe confidence and charisma are closely linked together.

P. Play.
Your most recent play time you remember
Going bungee-jumping. I tried it in a program called <SAY YES>, I really enjoyed it! Bungee-jumping is where you jump downwards from a very high area; it’s a very dangerous activity. Taking that step outwards and jumping down requires a lot of courage. After succeeding you’ll gain confidence, although at the start even I thought to myself, ‘can I not jump?’ (laughs). I really recommend it, if there are readers who want to try bungee-jumping, let’s go together with me. If there are many people who wants to go, we’ll hold a ‘BAILA Bungee-Jumping Event’! As everyone is bungee-jumping for the first time, I will sing a song in order to make it easier for everyone. Once we get to the chorus “Can you feel feel feel” we’ll jump together (laughs).

Q. Quest.
Something you wish to seek for
Of course it’ll always be music. But it would also be...science, something like the origins and formations of the universe. I think that if we went to a place we usually wouldn’t search for, our talents and skills will shine even brighter. In an unknown situation, discovering a new talent you’ve never discovered before and according to your own knowledge, you can feel deeply inspired and create a new, exciting piece of work. For me, music is just as interesting as studying science and the universe.

R. Relaxation.
A place where you can relax
As a singer, being on a stage is a really relaxing feeling. No matter for sad songs or cheerful songs, because all your emotions are put into singing, your feelings will become even more sensitive. Off-work, it would be home - sitting on the sofa, turning on the T.V, watching my favourite movie or comedy show. Eating snacks whilst watching... simple things like that are the best.

S. Special.
Which part of you do you find special?
My butt. Even if I diet, even if I work out, my butt does not get any smaller (laughs). What on earth is in there?

T. Three.
Junho’s lips
When I’m focusing on something, my lips will turn into a “3” shape. I only found out from looking at a photo, many of my fans like my lips like that, today was my first time hearing that. Lips Anniversary Day, it seems like I must add another day to my anniversaries? (laughs)

U. Unknown.
A habit you recently found out about?
My “3” shaped lips (laughs). If no one pointed it out, I wouldn’t have noticed. What a charming pair of lips!

V. Victory.
A recent victorious battle you had?
I won when playing bowling with my friends! At the start, I played with my left hand and beat my friends with 140 points. Afterwards I tried playing with my right hand and got 160 points, I got even better so I was really happy. Although I won the game, I still paid for dinner (laughs).

W. Wild.
Your wildest side is...?
Erm... when I got a strike whilst playing bowling? In everyday life, I think there are almost no situations where I feel I show a wild side of me... however, I do think that I’m very wild/beastly whilst showering.

A secret episode that happened
I wore Chansung’s underwear unintentionally. When I put my leg in, I immediately thought, “eh? (something’s not right)” but I still wore it nonetheless. Honestly, this kind of thing happens quite often. Because the ahjumma at our dorm places all of our washed clothes in the same area, even if I’ve labelled clearly “JH” on my underwear. Indeed so... oh, wait a moment? At that moment, I clearly was wearing underwear that was labelled with “JH”, but that pair was slightly too big... unless Chansung wore them before. Could it be that I was wearing my own underwear which was stretched by Chansung? If that is the case, then there’s no meaning to labelling them with our names (laughs).

Y. Yes!
Times when you show your truest side
Whenever I’m with people I’m closest with, I can say almost anything, I can laugh loudly, and I can also do impersonations (laughs). When I show my truest side, I become a mischievous big kid who just loves to laugh. Also, it’s the best whenever my favourite music is being played.

Z. Zeal
The most recent item you’ve been passionate about
The preparation process for the album <FEEL>. During production, in my memory I never had a day where I got to sleep before 3am...but I truly enjoyed the whole process. Because I was able to produce my favourite type of music, time passed really pleasantly, even if I was tired from working I was happy. All my “FEEL(ings)” have been used to create this album, everyone must listen well and feel the sensation.

Junho’s face, in its full-scale size!
Junho’s face is really small. “Because my face is small and my hand is big, my palm can cover the whole of my face. My favourite feature would be my eyes. Before, I used to think that with small eyes, it must be difficult to interpret my expressions. But now, I think each and every expression can be seen through the eyes. Quite unbelievable, right?”

Title track <FEEL> is a satisfying piece of work which was all created by Junho himself, from writing the lyrics to composing to producing. “Unexpectedly falling in love and the love for family, lovers, friends, mentors and such important people in my life. All the various forms of love I’ve felt as a 24 year old.”

Born on 1990 January 25th.
Debuted in Japan as part of a 6-membered idol group 2PM in 2011. Now, he is currently holding his own solo concert tour. 
Also, he starred in the movie - <Cold Eyes> (Confirmed to show in Japan – September 6th) 

Credits: XiaoYuEr@KingJunho.com (JPN > CHN TRANS) ;
x_tiffany_x@2ONEDAY.COM (CHN > ENG TRANS) ; @Timing_Kei (SCANS)

[Interview] Baila Magazine - 2PM Junho's "A to Z" Interview Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Tips SEO Youtube 2019


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