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Thursday, July 10, 2014

[Interview] 2PM JUNHO Oricon Style Interview

A bursting honest talk revealing his inner self. Expressing the current mature side of him as an artist!

2PM’s member, Junho, has released his second mini album <FEEL>! After gaining confidence from his first album, he has taken it a step further and advanced forward. In this album, from song writing to composing to producing, Junho has immersed himself in the process from beginning to end. Regarding this piece of work which has displayed his huge growth and maturity, of course we will also show everyone the honest talk we had with Junho which reaches into his inner self.

Junho is the little devil type... or maybe we should say 2PM has that little devil style?!

- You released this album <FEEL> as Junho (From 2PM), while producing this album what do you think the biggest difference is compared to your previous album?
Junho:  Compared to the previous album, I wanted to show everyone a more matured musical style, and that was the focus of this album. I produced this album in hope to show everyone a more dynamic and energetic side of me that wasn’t as evident in the first album.

- The reason and meaning of <FEEL> as the title track?
Junho:  First of all, because the word “FEEL” just appeared in my mind. In Korea, there is a phrase which expresses ‘FEEL’ (similar to Feeling, in Japanese), although I’m not sure why, but from that moment onwards the word “FEEL” never left my mind. Using that phrase as a starting point, I started to write this title track. I created this song that can be divided into many parts, one which includes a playful element and also one allowing people to feel that longing emotion in the chorus. Many recent songs are exciting and straight-forward, and this song has also included this current trend. At the same time I attempted to include that sentimental, nostalgic melody from the 80s and 90s. It has the coexistence of mixing new and old music trends together, and it is also a concept of this album.

- You have experienced having a solo concert tour and during this time, everything you were able to feel with the fans, became a large influence on choosing <FEEL> as the title track, right?
Junho: Of course! It enabled me to feel motivated to hold an even better, even bigger concert and step by step, improve myself musically.

- With all the concepts in mind, is there a similar message you would like to convey?
Junho: Basically, I wanted to convey to everyone all my current thoughts and feelings. The biggest theme is love. I think love has many different forms and emotions, the songs have all expressed love in various aspects also.  In <FEEL> there is a line that goes, “The monochromic days have now been painted with colours.” This line is one that I like the most in this album, and I think this line can express this album’s overall message best. It describes the sensation of being shaken out of ordinary everyday life, that feeling when you encounter a certain person.

- You have participated in the production of all the songs in this album, during the producing process, are there any difficult areas?
Junho: Regarding particularly difficult songs I’ve produced, surprisingly there aren’t any. I really enjoyed producing. When recording the only song I found challenging was <Turn It Up>, the pronunciation of Japanese rap is really difficult.

- <FEEL> has a line, “The time in the world stops.” If time can be stopped, when do you want to return to?
Junho: When I was with 2PM, we’ve been asked the same question. I even remember at that time Nichkhun said he wanted to return to the dinosaur era, but I think if time stopped it wouldn’t be fun. Because nobody can move except me, and that sounds like no fun at all (laughs). Compared to stopping time and returning to the past, I’d rather look forward to going 10 years into the future.

- If Junho was to listen to this album in 10 years’ time, what reaction do you think you’ll have?
Junho: So cute~ (laughs)

- What do you mean?
Junho: Because I think that in 10 years’ time, I’d still continue to create music and I’d definitely be a lot more mature and different than how I am now. Perhaps I’ll be embarrassed yet envious of my current sensitivity, youthfulness, and naivety because I would’ve lost it all by then.

- Within <Dangerous> there’s one line that goes, “I can’t take my eyes off the little devil.” Junho, are you the little devil type?
Junho: No, I am not.

- I’d say it’s rather not a little devil at heart.
Junho: In Korea, there is no exact word to express ‘little devil.’ Does it mean devilishness? Or someone who is tough to handle?

- It means the devilishness of you as you steal away the hearts of your fans when they go to watch your concert.
Junho: Ah~ that’s a relief, because I think that I’m more of a bear or dog type of person rather than a fox or cat. That’s why I was worrying what I’d do if it meant I was someone who is tough to handle (laughs). Because I’m a very honest person, I’m not good at being worldly-wise. In those situations, I don’t handle it too well. I’m a bear-like person who answers very honestly, but to say I’m devilishness is actually quite a nice comment after all (laughs).

- Additionally, who do you think is most like a ‘little devil’ amongst the members?
Junho: Nichkhun. He’s a handsome guy who looks good no matter what he wears thanks to his extremely well proportioned body. His existence itself makes him a little devil already (laughs).

In order to get rid of loneliness...

- There’s a line in <Don’t go~ No No No> which goes, “A lonely night where I’m alone.” What do you do in order to get rid of loneliness?
Junho: I don’t feel lonely when I’m by myself at night because there are just too many things to do. If I was really focused on working on something, within a blink of an eye it’d already be 3 or 4AM. That happens quite often. It gets to the point where sleeping time is already wasted so I end up watching TV or a movie until 6AM – 7AM and go sleep once the sun rises.

- When you’re alone, what type of movie do you like to watch?
Junho: A thrilling action movie would be good. Also, when I was watching a Japanese romantic comedy film, I felt like ‘I want to date too~’

- Just like the title of <Don’t go~ No No No>, Junho, if your lover held you back and said “Don’t go,” what would you do?
Junho: Describe what kind of situation is it? That’s very important! Are we arguing? Or is it when we’re breaking up? Or is it simply when I’m leaving her home?

- Please answer to all of the above (laughs)
Junho: Hahaha, okay I get it. First of all, if we were simply dating and I get held back as I leave her home, then I’d probably stay if I didn’t have work to go to. But if I was really busy, then I’d persuade my lover before leaving. If I was held back after arguing with her then I won’t leave because I think it’s very important to communicate well with each other and make up. But if it’s whenever we’re breaking up and I get held back after we both agreed to break up, then I would walk away without a single word.

- Are there any rules set between the 2PM members?
Junho: There was a time when we set a rule of a ’10,000 won fine each minute of being late to practice.’ I only got fined once, on my watch it was 1 minute before the time we had to gather together, but the clock in the studio said I was 1 minute late (bitter laugh).

- So it was an unfair fine that you had to pay.
Junho: But because all the members had already reached the studio and insisted that we had to follow the time on the studio clock, I reluctantly still had to pay (laughs). They said that the money that was gathered would be used to pay for a meal we’d have together, but where did that money go in the end...? (laughs) It continued on for about a week, nobody was late for the first 3 days, but I don’t know when everyone began to forget we even had this rule.

- Which member got fined the most?
Junho: I don’t remember too well. Could you ask this the next time 2PM has an interview? I’d also like to know where did the money went (laughs).

- I understand. Now, in <Can’t Let You Go> a line goes, “If I were to wish for a miracle.” What do you think is a miracle which has happened to you?
Junho: To be able to perform in Budokan. And every time I receive the surprising events from the fans, it’s really a miracle, I’m so thankful. Those feelings of mine have been included in this album and concert; I hope everyone will be able to fully enjoy it. Within this solo tour, apart from the focus on performance and dance, I’ve also included many new elements throughout. The content of the concert will be dynamic and powerful from the beginning, if many people come to watch me then I’d be very happy.

- And lastly, in <You & Me> one line goes, “Everything will remain unchanged, no matter when.” Please tell us what you think has changed about you since you were young and what hasn’t changed.
Junho: What hasn’t changed is probably the mole at the back of my neck (laughs). I think what has definitely changed is my appearance. Although my personality has not changed one bit, particularly my rushed personality and agile movements. Additionally, I think my eye smile when I smile or laugh hasn’t changed ever since I was young.

- Then if you had to choose within the 2PM members, who changed the most since debut?
Junho: Everyone has changed. I think everyone has become a lot more sophisticated.  Ah, apart from Nichkhun (laughs). In Korea, people say that when you become refined into a new person, you have become a dragon, but Nichkhun has always been a dragon even before debut. Therefore, I think it’s correct to say that Nichkhun has actually become a dinosaur (laughs). 

CREDITS: XiaoYuEr@KingJunho.com (JPN > CHN TRANS) ; x_tiffany_x@@2ONEDAY.COM (CHN > ENG TRANS)

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