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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

[News] 2PM Jun.K opens up about his solo debut with 'Singles'

2PM's Jun.K shared his goal of letting the world know who he is as not just a 2PM member but as Jun.K in an interview with 'Singles'.

When asked what kind of mindset he's approaching his solo album promotions compared to 2PM promotions, Jun.K shared, "I want to show what I do. To be honest, everyone knows me as a 2PM member, but they don't much about Jun.K. If I don't clearly show what I do and what I can do, then of course, people won't know. It's regretful that I only get to promote as a solo artist in Japan, but I want to show who Jun.K is through this opportunity."

For the 'Singles' pictorial, Jun.K showed his signature style of casual outfits with eye-catching prints. Although it must get lonely for him to be promoting without his members, he showed that he can stand on his own with his charisma and confidence that filled the room.

It's safe to say that Jun.K is well on his way of reaching his goals.

Source: allkpop

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